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[IP] renaming diabetes

I have a few suggestions for what to alternatively call Type I, but they
wouldn't be printable.  But I definitely agree with Barbara.  I am tired of
being lumped in as one of those "obese, inactive people" that many associate
with being "diabetic."

I know there are lots of variations in type II, but many of those people are
able to control their problem simply by losing (note spelling) weight, getting
some exercise and eating healthy.  They may not even need the pill!  Type Is,
on the other hand, had no say in this.  Due to some aberrant gene or vicious
virus or whatever current popular theory tells us, our body's defense system
attacked something it saw as bad and ended up destroying our insulin producing
capability.  NOT MY FAULT!  Losing (note spelling) weight and eating right
aint gonna take my diabetes away, much as I would like for it to.

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