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[IP] RE:Support of medical doctors, nurses, etc

I recently took part in a second year med student class with my Endo. It was
really an interesting experience.  When treating people with diabetes, (told
class not to use term diabetic), the doctor and patient needs to develop a
plan of action similar to one in business.  What is one's goals, then
develop strategy and finally managing tactics.  For pumpers like ourselves,
our goals and strategies are more aggressive and self managed than then
"general" public.  

It is difficult for us to see other people with diabetes who clearly would
benefit from pump technology to research and try it.  At work I met an
individual who has been a diabetic for 35 years, has been in the hospital
many times for both DKA and hypoglycemia.  I was very excited on showing him
my pump and the difference it has made in my control. His reaction was one
of dis-interest.  

Suggestions for those with doctors and endos that take the lecturing
approach, or perhaps bit of dis-interest in achieving super tight control is
to ask him/her to work with the patient on setting up a plan of action.
This approach may shock the doctor, and result in posititive step forward,
or it may mean to move on to another doctor.

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