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[IP] Extra Catheters & bs guestimates & more

Those are not "extra" catheters.  The manufacturer recommends, and is
assuming, you will change the catheter more often than the tubing.  They
figure you will use one packet with a catheter and a tubing, then just change
your catheter, then next timeyou change , you will change the tubing and the
catheter and so on.

Personally, I have reused the same tubing for more than 2 rotations - and the
syringe?  Child, I use about 1 box of those suckers PER YEAR!  I think I still
have a box from my ORIGINAL order back in 93!

On another note, someone a few days back asked about "feeling" your bs.  Ever
since I was 20, and stopped taking my shots and went into my first and only
DKA, I have been able to tell how I am doing.  Until then, I just assumed,
feeling like crap every morning was just cuz I was being over=educated or
working too much or partying too hard.  Never occured to me I might be having
ghigh blood sugar.  In the last, say 10 years, of doing multiple injections
and then the pump and testing more often, I can almost always guess within
10-20 points of what my bs is...except when exercising when the endorphins
cover the low adn i feel awesome, or when i am in a really good mood due to
external things and I dont notice I really feel like poop due to a high.  I
always ask my body, as I tak e my test, so, bubba, how ya feeling?  he always
answers back...and then I tell him how close he was to being right or wrong.

Sometimes, and yesI know I am A BAD DIABETIC for doing this, I will take a
bolus, or adjust a temp basal without testing.  Just as an example, last ngiht
I woke up at 3am and for some reason had not brought the meter up into the
loft with me.  I was groggy and didn't feel like navigating the 6' ladder.  I
knew I was probably high, cuz I had eaten dinner (mac and cheese) really late,
so I took a bolus of what I normally would take for a high after a similar
high fat meal.  I woke up at 104.

Before you get all riled up, I dont do that often, I usually test.

As for daily insulin usage, including basal, I use on average netween 30 and
34 units.  Week before period:  36-42 units.  This is taking chromium.
Without the chromium, I use 2-6 more units per day.

and if you are still reading.  Ugly anniversary to me today.  24 years ago I
wrote in my diary "forget what did.  mom cried cuz I have diabetes."  

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