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[IP] DKA and Other Tidbits

Well it's Friday a.m. and my BG is normal.  After the DKA incident yesterday I
thought I was out of the woods but by bedtime I was 400 and stayed that way
off and on all night.  Called my Endo around 10 p.m.  and I just doubled my
bolus , took an injection of course (how quickly we become 'old hands' at this
stuff,eh?) and did the little diabetic all-night-long dance and it rose and
dropped as I checked and injected.  

Yes Michael I've had that clogged set thing before too - for which I get no
alarm!- but unless I'm going blind (God forbid- no joke here!) that wasn't
what happened this time.  My doc thinks I have some kind of infection
somewhere, but that doesn't  feel right either.  Still there have been a few
times when the problem turned up in my BG prior to any ill feelings.  I am
thinking particularly of the time that I was finally diagnosed - 3 days later
- with hepatitus  (of course by that time I'd turned yellow and even the
janitor could've figured it out!).  I kept getting hi BG unexplained and
finally they just put me in the hospital to see what developed.  Oh the old
days when you weren't in and out of the hospital in an afternoon !

Diesetronic/Minimed   I read all the literature saw the videos - do not yet
have the tee-shirt (Sara) - but here's what I wish someone had told me before
I made a purchase.  The MiniMed has a Square Wave Bolus  - a feature that not
everyone needs or wants, but if you are prone to eating high fat foods, or
high fiber foods, or anything else (gastroparesis??) that you need to control
your absorbtion rate this is quite handy. Not so with the Diesetronic.  MM
also has the ability to deliver much much smaller boluses , at .1 increments
as opposed to .5 for the Dies.  I didn't  even appreciate what this meant til
I discovered how very sensitive I was to insulin on a 24 hour delivery system.
(With my old NPH or Ultralente routine, I was programmed for a flat delivery
rate  for 12 hour periods-period.  (Course even though I was programmed for
it, sometimes the 'it' was unpredictable  -- another day, another post.)  I
needed about one third of my day time basal rate at night and although the
Dies can certainly be programmed to deliver it-  if you're running high at a 2
a.m. BG check and you want to bolus for whatever reason- my sensitivitiy would
appreciate the little 'baby .1 increments" rather than 1/2 unit.   I would
also imagine that anyone who doesn't need too much overall insulin on a daily
basis, might benefit from this feature.    Neither one of these features was
stressed or explained all that much in the MM literature.  I learned about 'em

My Diesetronic is great for water rats who are in and out of pools and rivers,
and the ocean- and the shower.  If  you are using a non-detachable infusion
set this is a big bonus.  I know they often start kids on the the bent needle
or the straight short one as they are easier to insert and somewhat more user
friendly.  Even as a veteran of the needle when I first saw that 1 1/2 "  (?)
tender (?) needle and discovered it didn't go into a muscle but under the skin
- I found myself thinking about changing it much the same as I did 33 years
ago when I was dxed and couldn't sleep at night thinking about getting up in
the a.m. to take my (1) shot for the day.  So this is an important feature if
you're a water lover.

And the back up pump is great for those of us who worry about what happens if
there is a mal-functioning of the pump on a holiday week-end night, when your
endo has skipped off to Greece with your CDE  and you're at the bus station in
Omaha with no other resource.  (Well some of us are prone to be highly
imaginative)  O course, as someone said, you  could just take an injection.

Assess your patterns.  Good control?  Nightime highs?  Pizza personality?
Aquatic fowl?  Mother Theresa of the mind?   File this diatribe under "Things
I Wish my CDE had Told Me"  (Soon to be a major motion picture.)  And yes
Iona, my CDE told me that I couldn't go high from a set change too! That I was
obviously forgetting to bolus or mis-counting carbs, yada, yada, yada.  Becky
I think you're going to have to start a Diabetic Newsletter for CDE's and
endo's  -- enough of their journals, we need our own voice!

Off to another carefree day in beautiful Virginia Beach.
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