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[IP] How many pumps?

Yerachmiel Altman wrote:

>  By the way: has anyone got any idea how many pumps are currently in 
>      use??  I remember back in the anceint days when we were 'numbered' but 
>      I'm kind of curious how many have been sold and are still used (I 
>      imagine anyone who upgraded does not use both simultaneous).  Any 
>      contacts around in Minimed or Disetronic with info??

According to the stock market info
(http://www.techstocks.com/~wsapi/investor/profile-MNMD) Minimed have
about 25000 pumps out there. I couldn't find anything about Disetronic
though. European companies are much less open!

Incidently, does anyone here own any Minimed stock? As pumpers, it seems
we would be better placed than many to judge the prospects for their new
products, and so "beat" the market :-)


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