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[IP] Pet Peeve

I've been pumping less than 2 mos. but it's great -- everything about
it.  Now comes my biggest pet peeve of my entire life...
I've never hiddent he fact that I'm diabetic, so all my friends, most of
my office, etc. know.  I am constantly being stopped when I have food in
my hand by some well-meaning "friend" with a condescending, "Now, you're
not supposed to be eating that, are you?"  This is usually by an
overweight individual with other health problems who never does anything
beneficial for his or her body!  God help this person if my bg is low
because I light into him or her like a pit bull!  I don't consider this
intervention helpful, and I know far more about my needs and
capabilities than any one else!  I even went to a JDF luncheon where the
keynote speaker said that "family and friends" should intervene to keep
the diabetic "on track."  I called their office the next day and
expressed my sincere "displeasure" about the speaker.  I told them that
if they wanted an inspriational keynoter they should ask a diabetic to
do the address.
Okay, ranted and raved long enough.  How do others handle these
thoughtless comments?

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