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Re: Accucheck Complete (was)Re: [IP] Insulin resistance

In a message dated 98-04-23 21:41:24 EDT, you write:

<< That is why Lily still uses a One-Touch meter. The others 
 are smaller, but she found that the profile consistently gave her 
 good readings and when she did not apply enough blood, it would 
 either say the reading was bad or say it was a TEST reading.

The SureStep is good, too.  You can actually touch the strip to your finger
before putting the strip into the machine.  No weird angling or trying to drop
the blood onto the strip.  Especially good for those of us trying to check
wriggly fingers of our little ones.  And you can check to see if you got
enough blood by checking the circle on the back of the strip.  Just keep
adding more blood if needed; no wasted strips having to start all over.  It
also is pretty accurate for extreme highs or lows.  Strips tend to be more
expensive, though.  And I've found that some bottles of strips tend to require
more blood on the strip than others.  Lot differences, I guess, even though it
shouldn't matter.  
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