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[IP] Support of medical doctors, nurses, etc

     I am sure that at least some other people on this list have been asked 
     by family, friends, business associates, etc. to speak to someone who 
     is a diabetic about 'better control' and 'taking better care of 
     I have told myself at least once for each time I have spoken with a  
     type II diabetic who refuses to hear about complications that I'll 
     never do this again (till the next time).
     Remember that most of the patients a doctor sees for diabetics are the 
     non-complient, 'give me a pill in the morning and leave me alone' 
     type.  If I had to deal with these people on a continuos basis, and I 
     also felt responsible to keep them alive, it would certainly lead to 
     stress and burnout.
     While I cannot condone ANY act of ANY given doctor, I think we all 
     must be fair to our medical practitioners.  We chose to be on a pump 
     because we chose to take the best care of ourselves currently 
     The percent of diabetics who are working towards maximum control 
     (frequent testing, multiple injection or pump) is certainly a small 
     percent of total diabetics and more than likely a small percent of 
     insulin dependent.
     Doctors training with diabetes is in hospitals where most of patients 
     are in for DKA or passed out from shock.  If you look at the average 
     visits per year for one of US to a hospital and the severity and 
     length of those visits compared to rest of population, it is easy to 
     see why so many doctors in this field end up as they are.  That does 
     not mean I think they are correct: it is just they also have to 
     survive and keep themselves above water mentally.

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