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Re: [IP] DKA

The chest pain is a serious clue to how sick you are.  It's the buildup of the
ketones.  Your lungs are blowing acids off.  Not only do you suffer muscle
pain, but shortness of breath is a sign of metabolic acidosis.  Your acid-base
balance is probably way off.  I'm glad you called your endo quickly.   One of
the most serious acid-base imbalances I had was my bicarbonate.  It was only
11.  Not very compatible with life.  Please take care of yourself.  I'll say a
prayer.  Keep checking ketones.  If you have them for more than 24 hrs, I know
what I would have to do....I would have to make an ER visit.  Maybe some of
you don't agree but I've had DKA 5 times now, and it is pretty frightening.
Judy P.                               
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