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Re: [IP] Re: Accucheck Complete

John Neale wrote:
> Now that Minimed and BM have merged, why don't they include the glucose
> meter inside the pump... or am I thinking too imaginatively?

They have? I understood that BM merged with Roche, but has MiniMed also
> You sit down to eat, you enter into the pump how much carb you're about
> to eat, and it calculates and gives an appropriate bolus.
> If it knows your bg results, the food you've eaten, and how you
> responded to the insulin it gave you, then with a bit a clever software
> it could continually refine and update your carb-ratios, insulin
> sensitivity and basal requirements.
> If necessary you could enter how much simple carb, complex carb, and fat
> you're eating, and it profiles its own square wave...

I think I prefer what MiniMed has been working on for some time, a sensor
that is planted like an infusion set for several days, which tests bg 
often and will (eventually) be hookd into a pump, and self correct it 
without user intervention. They've already started testing the sensors, 
according to something I've seen, probablyn here.
Ted Quick
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