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[IP] ACE inhibitors and pump for sale...cheap

In a message dated 98-04-23 18:52:09 EDT, you write:
>  No, but the low blood pressure probably helps prevent more bleeds.
>  email @ redacted

As usual....not with me.  Been on the ace inhibitors since 1994...and needless
to say, the bleeding has not abated, but DAMN my protein spillage problem is
much improved/

It is Capoten that is known for its cough.  There is another one that you take
3 times a day (?) that doesn't do the cough.  I was considering this one, cuz
I have bled after coughing...

Michelle:  at first I was kinda dizzy and light headed but after a couple of
weeks, your body adjusts to it - that is what I was told and it was so for me
- my bp is now like 100/70 (when I am not stressed my work, medical
professionals or jerk men), which isn't really LOW, but is lower than it was
w/o capoten.  

And are you still looking for a pump?  I may give this whole thing up cuz good
control aint helping MY eyes.  507 for sale cheap - just pay my hospital bills
from my appendectomy and its yours!

*-(=8 xoxx
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