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[IP] Barbara...one of the elite

No...Barbara you are one of the elite...look at how much time you devote
to this group...if i remember correctly you are not even diabetic and you
wore a pump for a weekend to find out what it was like to be attached to
this thing and even more couragous... brave the intoducer needles...i'm
glad you didn't get scared off when you first entered the group...i know
it was rocky there for a while...we learn a lot from you...and if more
professionals had as much information as you do we as diabetics would not
be as hostle toward the med profession but i feel many of us are
encountering all the incompetents...and it is scary to have your LIFE in
their hands and to KNOW that YOU know more...michelle

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 23:28:51 EDT BBradRN <email @ redacted> writes:
>In a message dated 4/22/98 10:32:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted
><< Unfortunately there are many control freaks and idiots in the 
> profession.  They have a "little blue book" that they were given in 
> school that has the RULES FOR TYPE 1 DIABETICS printed in gold ink 
> and a copyright date of 1950 on it.  And they still try to fit 
> everyone into the same mold.  Then they get mad when we don't fit 
> their ideas.  Kind of like the AccuCheck Complete Meter - I was told  
>Sorry, Randall, this may apply to a few less informed types, but I 
>just can't
>seem to find that "little blue book" anywhere.  Maybe they only passed 
>it out
>in medical schools?  :<)

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