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And to think I just read your post!  Today my BG was running on the high side
all day.  I burned myself badly yesterday and thought that might be the issue
- any trauma to my sensitve little body,( you know diabetes,- the wind changes
and the BG goes up or down.)  I kept taking little boluses to bring it back
down to normal and it would come down to normal then go back up  My site
looked fine.  I was 100 mg/dc at bed time , but since I've had a history of
going low at night, I had a few sweet tarts (2 rolls for the purists out
there)  and went to bed rather early -9p.m. - up to check at 2 a.m. BG is up
to nearly 221 , bolus a little to bring it down (i cut way back while sleeping
on any insulin -- a little seems to go a long way at night)  Stay awake and
check again at 4 a.m. - 289!  I figure I've gone too low prior to the 2 a.m.
check and this is just my symogi run-  so I inject a couple of units just to
make sure there are no pump problems-- check at 5:30  only down to 240 - so I
bolus 3 units, go back to sleep and wake up with 130 BG . It seems the pumps
working fine.   No breakfast.  Before noon 257 - now what?   Bolus eat lunch-
check at around 12:30 just to be on the safe side up to 197-  not great but I
think it's only  an hour after lunch.  So I take off for my meeting.  Two
hours later I check  590.  I couldn't believe it. I felt awful with pain in my
chest - more of a tightness and so loggy I could barely keep my eyes open.
All during that meeting I kept thinking about taking a nap.  But what was that
chest thing?

At any rate I immediately injected 10 units of Humalog, changed my site which
is now red and hard and checked my ketones- we're talkin' deep purple now.
Through the moon.  If my chest didn't hurt so much I'd go to sleep.  This
diabetic has never spilled any ketones in 32 years even with all my lousy
A1c's .  I only bought the strips because they were in packets that wouldn't
spoil and I was trying to be 'a good diabetic' but even  then if my BG shot up
to 300 or 350 I never spilled any ketones. I remember you saying it came on
very fast and I still can't track what happened.  Everything was fine and then
suddenly it wasn't.  I remembered Judy saying it took extra insulin to
normalize you due to the ketones.  I bolused a couple of units.  An hour later
I'd only come down to 550!  Called my endo and made loud noises - had me bolus
another 12 units- and finally I came down to a mere 450. And my chest stopped
hurting.  I thought I might live.LOL  Whew!  I've never had anything like that
happwn to me before.  I'm still runnin 300+  and it's 3 hours since
i first treated it.  I had to take twice my usual amount of insulin to bring
that high down And I may have to take more.  

Any one know about the chest thing?  I bet I sleep like a log tonight.  Thanks
again Judy.  That DKA post you made allowed this person to call on my endo a
lot quicker than normal.  I'm really a do-it-yourselfer and of course think I
know everything about diabetes  -- except for the things that I don't know
about.  Hmmmm.  I seriously doubt that my education is complete!


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