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Re: [IP] Velosulin

Judy P. wrote: 

> I use plain old Humulin R.  Does anyone else?  It seems as though a lot of you
> are using Humalog but my Endo thought I might have too many reactions if I
> switch insulins and he's hesitant about changing something that seems to be
> working.
> Judy P.


If it's working and you're happy, stick with it. Humalog is not "better"
that Regular. It just works faster. If you don't need that speed, don't
use it!

However, no treatment plan is ever perfect, it's the nature of the
beast. So it might just be worth trying Humalog, and if you don't like
it, go straigt back to Regular. I forget which pump you have, but on the
507, you can "slow down" Humalog by using the square-wave bolus feature.
ie "Give me my 8 units of fast Humalog slowly over the next 2 hours"


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