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[IP] insulin storage

John, I've never kept opened bottles inthe fridge.  Sometimes as long as 3
months keeping Regular at room temperature didn't have any noticeable
effect on me.  According to Michael, its 1.5%/month at 83 degrees.  Thats
much hotter than room temperature.  At 70 degrees, the loss of potency in 1
month would be immeasurable.  Indeed, some pumpers use the same syringe
that sits up against the body, for up to 3 weeks!   I wouldn't worry about
keeping it in the fridge.  That also makes the bubble problem worse.

<<<From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Velosulin

> Insulin decay is non-linear. It is slow a low temperatures.
> 1 1/2 % per month at 83 F/ 28 C. At say 120F (back of hot truck) I
> have been told by a lady at Lilly that the half life can be measured
> in hours.

I've always kept my current bottle of insulin at room temperature,
sitting amongst my supplies in the bedroom. In Northern Europe that
means about 70 F. A bottle lasts about a month. So at the end of the
month, I may require 1.5% more insulin: so a bolus of 6 units becomes
6.1 units. For me that's an insignificant change.

Do others really think it improves control to keep ferrying bottles of
insulin back and forth to the fridge?

Obvioulsy unopened insulin should be stored in the fridge.


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