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Re: [IP] Insulin resistance

On 22 Apr 98 at 23:28, BBradRN wrote:
> In a message dated 4/22/98 10:32:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted
> writes:
> << Unfortunately there are many control freaks and idiots in the medical 
>  profession.  They have a "little blue book" that they were given in 
>  school that has the RULES FOR TYPE 1 DIABETICS printed in gold ink 
>  and a copyright date of 1950 on it.  And they still try to fit 
>  everyone into the same mold.  Then they get mad when we don't fit 
>  their ideas.  Kind of like the AccuCheck Complete Meter - I was told  >>
> Sorry, Randall, this may apply to a few less informed types, but I just can't
> seem to find that "little blue book" anywhere.  Maybe they only passed it out
> in medical schools?  :<)

Unfortunately there are many of the "less informed" types floating 
around...  I know several doctors who have told their diabetic 
patients that "complications are going to happen so just keep your bg 
somewhere around 200 to 250 so you'll feel ok".  Some of these 
doctors don't like patient bg monitoring because it "interferes" with 
treatment...   I saw one of these guys make a real show a few years 
ago at a seminar for medical professionals on diabetes treatement.  A 
few patients were invited to attend since we were known for 
attempting to maintain tight control and our doctors thought we'd 
benefit, but most of the people were doctors and nurses. This joker 
got up and made some comments during one of the question/answer 
periods about things like "his patients were too stupid and didn't 
care anyway", "tight control wasn't worth the effort" and "all 
diabetics cheat and won't follow the treatment plans"...     I think 
he must have been mad that one of the reps didn't buy him lunch or 
something, or maybe one of the other reps bought him one drink too 
many at the bar...  but he has several collegues with the same 

I've heard these doctors talk about "bad diabetics" several times.  
One time I was asked to speak at a Saturday morning seminar on 
diabetes sponsored by the local hospital.  My opening lines were 
"If your doctor hasn't talked to you about good control of your bg 
then you need to consider getting a new doctor.  If you've been 
diabetic for over a year, most of what you have been told is wrong."  
I had handouts that I had gotten from the diabetes teaching nurse 
that talked about good control and current treatment ideas.  I even 
talked about the need for diabetics to take charge and ask questions 
instead of dumbly accepting everything the doctors and nurses said.  
Several of the doctors thanked me for sharing the problems and 
benefits of MDI and asked if they could tell patients to contact me.  
A few got really mad at me because "I told people not to listen to 
their doctors" - they wanted to dictate to the patient instead of 
work with the patient.   

There are many "Dr Death's" and "Nurse Ratchets" out there, but there 
are an increasing number of intelligent, aware and concerned doctors 
and nurses too.  This second bunch is under attack though, from the 
insurance companies and others who want to limit access and "contain 
Randall Winchester

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