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[IP] went to see my endo....

My appt was on the 21, and Iwas alittle bit apprehensive on what the a1c
was going to be, (Easter only a week ago, and of course a chocolate egg
:o)) any way last 3/mon was 6.7 and this one is 6.6. Hurrah, but the
endo says I need to keep from going high, over 180 .  I test a lot, and
never stay high, but the flucuations are due to diet.  I do not like
over insulating so I go for the low side and bolus down.  
I had a great day after my visit, nothing over 145, but then life is
only a day at a time.....
I am curious about the tests for thyroid, didn't someone say there was
two different test?  I have alot of the symptons with dry skin, weight
gain, depression, hard to swallow water, brittle fingernails, hair
thinning, etc,.  My endo tested my thyroid and said it was in the
acceptable range.  I don't know enough about to ask more, and who.  Let
me know..thanks Laurie
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