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Re: [IP] Hi & Which Pump

>job, but is one better than the other? My Dr. said he usually perscribes
>the Mini-Med but if I wanted the other that was ok.  I think it may be
>partially determined by what my insurance will pay, but I would still
>like to hear what you all think.

My daughter, age 8.5, has a Disetronic, and has no problems programming and
using it. For us, the pluses of the Disetronic are 1)waterproof, 2) backup
pump already in hand in case of emergency, and 3)the rep for D was WAY more
helpful than the MM rep for our area. I keep hearing that the MM is more
"user friendly", and that may well be, but Steph took less than a day to be
comfortable setting basals and boluses with her Disetronic. Good luck - I'm
sure you'll be happy whichever one you choose!


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