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[IP] Re: Accucheck Complete

Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> Renee,
> I have a precision and had a pen for a long time.  The precision is great for
> portability.  It's completely wacky for lows and highs but at least you know you
> are low or high and can keep testing til your back in range.  The pen was not
> anywhere near as accurate.  I was "strongly discouraged" by the man at the
> diabetic supply store who sells them and at Longs Drugs.  It is not much smaller
> to carry around but a little bit.  Don't you wish they'd make them all smaller!
> Wish I could fit the profile or complete in a purse!
> Ruth

Now that Minimed and BM have merged, why don't they include the glucose
meter inside the pump... or am I thinking too imaginatively?

In fact, if you could bend your mind a little, consider this:

You sit down to eat, you enter into the pump how much carb you're about
to eat, and it calculates and gives an appropriate bolus.

If it knows your bg results, the food you've eaten, and how you
responded to the insulin it gave you, then with a bit a clever software
it could continually refine and update your carb-ratios, insulin
sensitivity and basal requirements.

If necessary you could enter how much simple carb, complex carb, and fat
you're eating, and it profiles its own square wave...

You tell it when you start and stop exercising, and it adjusts the basal
by what it has learnt from experience is appropriate...

It suggests when it would like a blood test done, so it can refine the
doses better...

...endless possibilities!


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