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Re: [IP] Hi & Which Pump

I had a MiniMed for 6 months when I started pumping 6 years (in May) ago.
It was rented and the company I was renting it from (renting to buy) started
to show a new pump.  Selling points, waterproof, I do water aerobics, two
pumps, backup was important to me when travelling,   and I do like the system.
Although after 5 1/2 years on the disetronic, I have probably forgotten lots
about the MM.  The vial is inside the machine (no door).  That is better.
It seems that MM has better advertising and distributors.  When a friend was
looking to put her child on a pump MM was there and disetronic was hard to
find.  Meaning to let them know of this discrepancy.
What you get used to is what is best.
If you don't have big problems they both work well.
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