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Re: [IP] Curious/testing

> >I test more now because I know that if I find a problem I can do something
> >about it.
> >
> MJ,
> I know what you mean, isn't it great for your self-esteem to finally feel
> like you can do something right :-)  It is almost addictive, every time I
> test and I see those great numbers that eluded me for so many years before
> the pump, I get even further motivated.
> Debbie

Me too. I find testing addictive. I reckon I test far more than is
clinically necessary. I heard someone describe it as being like their
security blanket...

What about guessing results? I ran an experiment where I would write
down what I thought my bg was, based on my instincts, before the result
came up on the meter. I'm usually pretty close. Try it on a scale of 1
to 5: very low, lowish, great, bit high, very high.

Is it just me, or are others very sensitive to their bg level?

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