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[IP] Testing in public

Renee wrote:

> Well worth the investment if it gets Melissa to feel less self-
> conscious about checking "in public" at school.... (When you're 15 and in high
> school & trying to impress the senior boys, no matter what Mom wants or says,
> she just doesn't want to appear "different"!!!)...And if this is THE ONLY bone
> of contention between us in her diabetes self-management, I'm willing to
> "compromise"!!!!

I regard testing in public as being like blowing your nose in public -
there's nothing wrong with it, but it just seems inappropriate to do it
brazenly in front of others. I try to be discreet (with both!). From
what I remember, a school environment can be very public. You may be
confusing Melissa's self-consciousness with her responding appropriately
to normal social conventions. In the long run, it may be better that she
develop as a balanced self-aware human being, even if she has the
occasional undetected high at school. Just my opinion...

When I had an office job, testing at my desk in an open-plan office
seemed fine, but testing in the canteen seemed inappropriate. It's out
of consideration to others, rather than being secretive or shy.


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