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[IP] Hi & Which Pump

I am new to the list and would like to give you a little background and
ask a question. I am 53 and I have had DM for 22 years. I started a 4
shot per day regimen about 1 year ago with NPH and Humalog.  I was in
great control until about 4 months ago and now, even though the A1c's
look great (6-6.8), I am having tooooo many highs and lows and just
can't seem to get the BG under control.   Soooooo, my Dr. has told me
that my only real choice is the pump, which I am very open to. 
I lead a very active life. I travel alot for my business and sometimes
don't go to bed until 3am (a real nite owl!). All this means, that with
such a schedule I really think the pump is the answer. Control can be a
real challenge when you are one the road!
I just watched the video's from Desatronic and Mini-Med and would really
like some imput as to pump preference. It's a given that both do the
job, but is one better than the other? My Dr. said he usually perscribes
the Mini-Med but if I wanted the other that was ok.  I think it may be
partially determined by what my insurance will pay, but I would still
like to hear what you all think.
Looking forward to your response and I after I am on the pump I am sure
I'll have a thousand and one questions.
Helen G.
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