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[IP] Re: Success! & Need a Carb Booklet

Hi, again!

I'm happy to report that I will become a pumper in a short while!  My
insurance and Minimed came through with a 90-day trial period agreement,
and I should have a 507 in my hot little hands sometime tomorrow morning. 
I've already been to the dietician (a prerequisite demanded, reasonably
enough, by my endo).  The earliest appointment my CDE had was May 7, but
I'm told (and am very much hoping) she will be able to squeeze me in
earlier.  I'm so excited!!!

I really appreciate the support and encouragement I've received from the
wonderful people on this list!  

Besides your reassurance, a very nice thing happened to me today, which has
defeated my last lingering doubts: I got to meet another pumper in person! 
I work at a university, and one of my coworkers mentioned that one of her
students was on the pump.  I said that it would be really cool if I could
meet this person, not figuring it would really come to pass.  But this
morning, a very charming young lady showed up, and she proceeded to very
willingly answer all my questions--even showed me her insertion site! 
(Joanne, I was LOL when I read how you hadn't seen a pump or set, and
pictured yourself with a garden hose hanging out of your stomach!  I
thought the same thing!)  Turns out she is on the speaker's bureau of the
local ADA chapter, and has been a pumper for four years.  (Quite a
saleswoman, too; after 4 years, she still sounded like someone who'd just
converted to a new religion and couldn't wait to share it with everyone
else--in a good way, of course!)

Before I could send her an e-mail thank you, she had posted me, offering
about five times to help me make the transition!  I think she was glad to
meet me for her own reasons, too--she says she doesn't know anyone else on
the pump.  So now I've got a RL pumping buddy!

Need some advice, though (I'm sure this has been asked before, so if
there's a FAQ, you can point me there).  My dietician recommended a book
called EAT SMART, published by Random House.  I had no trouble finding it,
but I don't like the thing!  It won't stay open, the print is so tiny that
it's hard for me to read, and the first two things I tried to look up
(mashed potatoes and flavored coffee) we're there.  So I figured I'd put it
to the real experts: can someone suggest a better reference?  What I want
is something that is fairly small, overall, but with print that is still
readable, and a binding that allows you to open it up.  I don't care if it
has complete food counts; I just want the carbs.

Thank you very much!

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