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RE: [IP] New thread - unexplained highs - how do YOU change sets?


The only thing left in is the old infusion set base.  The tubing (and pump)
are connected to the new infusion set base.  The old base is just left in
place, dangling, with nothing hooked up to it.  The insulin that is still
under the skin at that site will therefore stay there and be absorbed, even
though no new insulin is infused at that site.  After a few hours, the old
infusion set base is removed.

Hope that clears up the confusion...

> -----Original Message-----
> Sara,
> I know this is going to confirm your feelings about nurses (LOL)
> but I can't
> figure what several of you mentioned when changing
> sites...duhhhh....How do
> you keep the old site in when you put the tubing in another site that is
> obviously hooked up to your pump?  I really don't get it.  Sorry..
> Judy P.

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