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[IP] Resistance, continued

Thanks for sending this Michael -- I may subscribe to the browser edition
later, but I'm hoping that I'm a short timer at that address.

 I'm writing from work, and have calmed a bit.  My 0.1 adjustments to
morning basals appear to have worked since my breakfast postprandial was 131
 282 yesterday).  ( I actually needed to increase all day, but looking at my
logbook I found that the month is almost over.} While it's ok to only need 1
unit to correct 100 points
on  a high, the reverse sensitivity seems to also hold true.  I'd appreciate
 comments on a better way to decide where to make this change during the
 latter part of the month.  Using the normal mode for checking basals isn't
 possible since I'm not having a day that is anywhere close to "normal"
when I need to make the change.

 I forgot to mention the 3rd phenomenon before I went off on the Nurse
 Ratchet tangent yesterday.  At ovulation I have dramatic drops for about
12 or 15 hours,  with 4 hours of extremes.  This month I turned my pump to a
 temp basal of 0 and consumed an extra 72 g of carbs (18 Dex).  I was 162
at lunch, so I could have stopped at 16.  I've found that I can exercise
 without an increased basal on that day - a preferred solution if it
happens around lunch time.  The prices we pay to have babies - ok, so it is
 it, but sometimes I'd love to shed the hormones.
 Take care,
 dx '71, MM507 1/98, Humalog

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