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Re: [IP] Exercise

I basically took the same route to find out how much I needed to increase my
temp basal by.  After some trial and error I found that I also needed to
increase my basal about 2 hours before I planned to work out if it is
mid-day.  After exercise I put in a new temp that is less than my normal
basal rate.  All in all I do use less insulin when I exercise, but it's very
important to have the extra when my adrenaline kicks in, or I go high and
usually end up with a moderate level of ketones.  This only applies for
intense exercise that is post prandial (with a v. low bolus), and not first
thing in the morning.  My mornings are weird -- my bgs begin to fall at
about 5 am. {I do have a dawn effect, but that's from about 3 until 5 am.}
The exercise thing is conquerable, but it takes persistence.  I always check
a bg before increasing my temp, before I eat, after showering post workout,
and midafternoon to see how that new temp is doing.  I may cut that last one
once I'm comfortable with the reduced temp.  I don't have mornings quite
figured out yet, but I'll try again tomorrow, since secretary's week
undermined today's lunchtime workout.
Take care,
dx '71, MM507 1/98, Humalog
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