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[IP] Morning, sleep and wakeful

     I'm not sooo bad but here are my settings (which I've had for a lONG 
     Midnight:  1.3 u/hr
     5 AM:      0.4 u/hr
     2 PM:      0.6 u/hr
     I don't beleive I changed this with humalog except that I noticed 
     between 5 AM and end of day there was a reset of pump to same value as 
     before a few times.  I assume these are from former tests of settings 
     (who remembers.  My brothers wrote my name on a 3*5 that they posted 
     over my bed so I would remember upon waking up).
     Yerachmiel Altman
     Collegiate Insulin Pumper of the year '81 
     (being   (a) there were not too many others 
              (b) the twelve other pumpers in my Drs practice (most in 
                  their 30's and plus) established the award themselves)

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