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[IP] how do YOU change sets? (really: how long does it take)

     As another experienced pumper I can report that site changes will take 
     anywhere from a few minutes to close to half an hour (I have had a few 
     AWEFUL site bleeding problems, some of which I could blame on motrin's 
     cousins which thin blood but some of which are just when a catheter 
     gets pulled out as normal part of 'living').
     The 'normal' changes I can do in around five or six minutes (I think) 
     but I've never timed it and wouldn't want to have to work under that 
     sort of pressure.  My kids feel I'm too slow, my wife feels that I'm 
     not cautious enough (cleaning site, etc) and I feel like after this 
     many years I'm ready for NEW technology (don't forget, I go back about 
     fifteen years on TEFLON catheters).
     I don't think 'time' is the problem: note that when a catheter is 
     'painful' it usually indicates a bad site: thus a resulting high 
     sugar, thus the skin is far more sensitive to touch (none the less 
     abrasion) and the hands (not to mention arms, fingers and mind) are 
     moving like quick sand on an incline.
     By the way: has anyone got any idea how many pumps are currently in 
     use??  I remember back in the anceint days when we were 'numbered' but 
     I'm kind of curious how many have been sold and are still used (I 
     imagine anyone who upgraded does not use both simultaneous).  Any 
     contacts around in Minimed or Disetronic with info??
     Yerachmiel Altman
     looking forward to his eighteenth year on pump first week in June

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