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Re: [IP] priming bolus amount for silhouette vs sofset

I may be wrong...won't be  the first time...but the 10/97 instruction
paper in the sihouette box says 1 unit of U-100 but it also states
something about 0.0075cc...i wonder if this has to do with the disetronic
only bolusing full unit? and the company originally made these sets for d
users...i am a mm user so am i right that d can only bolus full units or
0.5?...call me obsessive compulsive but i like to get down to tenths of a
On Tue, 21 Apr 1998 15:38:57 +0000 "Michael" <email @ redacted>
>> Does anyone switch back and forth between silhouettes and sofsets 
>and know
>> how much the relative priming boluses are? (I'm less interested in 
>> "absolute" amounts. For example, I know that some of you require a 
>1.0 unit
>> bolus for a sofset, which would be too much for me. It would be more 
>> to know that "silhouettes require the same bolus as sofsets" or
>> "silhouettes require 0.5 MORE than sofsets". 
>That was a couple of months ago. MM states that the canula on the 
>Sillihoutte contains a volume of 0.7u
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