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Re: [IP] spelling (wasVelosulin)

In a message dated 98-04-22 08:23:05 EDT, RO Wrote:

>  P.S  do diabetics also lose their ability to spell. ?? just asking, I'm 
> losing  mine.
>  RO 

Ewe betcha!  Their are lotz of loose cannons with loose pants on this list who
can't spell , but as John Neale tells me, "the english language is defined by
usage," so if one prefers to use "lose" for "loose"  Feel free - this is
America by god and if we can invent words for those little thingies on the end
of our shoelaces, then why not invent the way real words are used???

By the way...has anyone heard of Forum Education.  Please email me privately.

email @ redacted


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