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Re: Accucheck Complete (was)Re: [IP] Insulin resistance

    Thanks for sharing..Irony is though that Melissa IS very involved with
JDF. She served as the Jr Co-Chairperson for the Phila Walk 2 yrs ago which
required her to speak before a luncheon crowd of 450 people & a breakfast of
50-100 "men in suits" about her life with diabetes & the "new life" the pump
had given her. She is incredibly mature, poised,and articulate when speaking
to adults about diabetes.  Our family WALK team raised over $14,000 last year,
thanks to Melissa (and mom) sending over 500 letters to everyone we knew (even
remotely)...so diabetes advocacy IS very much a part of her life.....So guess
I just have to chalk this "weirdness" about checking in front of acquaintances
at school  (friends are no problem) up to being 15, and hope, that, like a lot
of other phases, this one too will pass!!

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