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Members Only Area

My post about new security features for the members only area has 
elicited numerous responses of the form

"What is the Members Only area"

Well......  the members only area is a resource available on the 
Insulin-Pumpers website using your web browser.

There is a HOTLINK on the main web page at


titled "Members Only"

to access this area you must enter your e-mail address and the 
password. Once into the secure area you will find the archives for 
the mail list including all prior DIGESTS, all of the member profiles 
and e-mail addresses on an easy to read web page with hot-links, and 
a news-like interface to the current mail list and all prior history 
(under mail).

If you do not wish to receive Insulin Pumpers mail in your mail box, 
you mail read and respond to the mail by subsubscribing to the 

Insulin-Pumpers-Browser mail list and reading the mail using your web 
browser in the members only area.

email @ redacted