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Accucheck Complete (was)Re: [IP] Insulin resistance

     Unfortunately all too true!! Melissa's done "test driving" her Accucheck
Complete after 8 wks..She & her CDE concluded that , once again, it's not all
it was "cracked up to be!"..Although it was an "exciting new toy" when she
first got it, with tons of "bells & whistles" features, so was our
VCR!!!...Because she "knew" that all the info would eventually be downloaded,
she stopped recording anything, which was a big mistake, because we didn't SEE
the developing patterns...Final conclusion: it was too bulky, too complex (for
Mom to figure out anyway!!!) & not as convenient as her Precision QID with its
foil-wrapped flat strips for "portability"...
    So it's back to the old "faithful" One Touch for home & school nurse's
office,and back to recording bgs once again ...and as for the Complete, it can
join its friend, the rejected DEX meter, in the "no thanks" pile!!!
    BUT, we did get a the 800# to order YET ANOTHER new meter: the Precision
QID pen (about the size of a thermometer case)Strip goes in one end, bg shows
up on the "barrel" in 20 seconds...Can be downloaded with the same software as
the regular Precision meter..does NOT give date/time...Purely a "convenience"
meter...With the rebate and a trade-in (no problem finding one of those!!!)
it's $15....Well worth the investment if it gets Melissa to feel less self-
conscious about checking "in public" at school.... (When you're 15 and in high
school & trying to impress the senior boys, no matter what Mom wants or says,
she just doesn't want to appear "different"!!!)...And if this is THE ONLY bone
of contention between us in her diabetes self-management, I'm willing to
     Will keep you all apprised of how successful THIS meter is!!!

Regards, Renee (aka Melissa's pump-mom)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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