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Re: [IP] Velosulin

On 21 Apr 98 at 19:00, Rmhb1126 wrote:

> Likewise for my teen-aged daughter who just came back from her monthly CDE
> session....Once again, he wants her to try Humalog in her pump because her
> postprandials have been way too high...Haven't yet attempted a mixture...She's
> tried Humalog 3 times before & had the experience of going low within a few
> hours of the meal & then going into the 300s at 3:00 a.m.....Her a.m. bgs are
> excellent, but she then becomes extremely insulin resistant, despite
> increasing her basals....CDE said he has one patient who required a bolus
> ration of 1 unit for 3 grams of carb at breakfast, but the rest of her meals
> she does 1 for 10....Anyone else heard of this disparity????????
> Renee (aka Melissa's pump-mom)

I require a 1/5.5 ratio for the morning, 1/12 at lunch, 1/10 for the 
evening and 1/15 for late evening.  It's just part of the normal 
physiology - some of us run at different metabolic rates at different 
times of the day.  My basal rates are also much higher in the morning 
than in the evening.
It's not a "disparity" because that implies "something wrong" - its 
just normal variability...
Randall Winchester

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