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[IP] priming bolus amount for silhouette vs sofset

Janet, the insert that comes with the Silhouette says to prime with 1 U
after removing the needle and connecting.  That's what I use with no
problems.  I think in addition to the longer cannula, there is more "dead
space" at the connection, so that is why the priming volume is greater than
the sofset.

<<<From: Janet Wiener <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] priming bolus amount for silhouette vs sofset

Does anyone have experience with priming both sofsets and silhouettes? I've
been using sofsets for 3 years, and add an extra 0.5 units "priming bolus"
when I change my set.

Today I inserted a silhouette. It has a longer cannula, and I thought I had
read here that the priming bolus should be 1.0 units. That was too much --
I ran low -- though there were other factors that could have contributed to
a low.

Does anyone switch back and forth between silhouettes and sofsets and know
how much the relative priming boluses are? (I'm less interested in people's
"absolute" amounts. For example, I know that some of you require a 1.0 unit
bolus for a sofset, which would be too much for me. It would be more useful
to know that "silhouettes require the same bolus as sofsets" or
"silhouettes require 0.5 MORE than sofsets".

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