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[IP] Exercise

Thanks for the many responses to exercise questions.  Most of the advice
however doesn't work for me.  I've tried a lot of different ways to circumvent
a post exercise high that I believe I  mistakenly attributed to some sort of
symogi effect from a low I never knew  I experienced.  (The cheese sandwich
was something someone here recommended, and no, that didn't work either !  My
latest adventure today was a poor calculation of carbs for my noontime salad
and when I was running 185 2 hours after lunch I thought  -- I'll just go
exercise it down.  No dice.  It stayed about 185 the entire time I was
exercising even despite a mini-bolus and even after I returned to my regular
basal instead of the reduced one I usually use when I exercise.)  The juice
prior and during exercise usually keeps my BG stable.  Right now I'm
increasing my temporary basal by the amount it took to lower it the last time
I tried this.  I probably reduce the amount a little and check a lot.  I use a
Humalog mix with Regular 4/1 .

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