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[IP] highs 2 hrs after H, lows 4 hrs after???

While getting Kayla (age 5) ready for the pump, we've had to keep a more
intense log of her BG's.  Normally we only test before meals, bed and when she
acts weird.  Now we're testing 2 hours after meals, too.  What I've found is
surprising and I hope I can get a good explanation from this smart bunch of
folks.  :)

2 hours after breakfast and supper (when she gets the H) she's really high -
always over 300.  But by the time the next meal rolls around she's usually
back down under 200.  Since we'd only been checking before meals, I never saw
this before.  She also get NPH which isn't supposed to kick in for a while, so
I don't think that's bringing her back down so soon.  What's going on?????

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