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[IP] Minimed 507 no delivery alarms

Hello list members. Here's a copy of my email to Billv (from Minimed, and
Bob Burnett, re No Delivery alarms.

Hi Bill,
I picked this up from the Insulin-Pumpers list.
I did have many no-delivery alarms. Your support people asked me to send
back my new pump (parchased in Oct. 1997), along with the infusion set &

In the meantime, Minimed sent me a loaner.

After a few week, I got my original Minimed 507 back (serial number

Since I got it back, I have had NO no-delivery alarms (except when I ran
out of insulin one time--whoops!!).

I have requested a report on the original problem, but have not received it
to date.

Maybe, this will help you track down the problem.

I use straight Humalog, ~ 40 units a day. 
Your clinical support team had me make several changes prior to sending my
pump in:

changed sets ( a few times)-last time , they had me change to a new lot
number of sets & syringe.(I use the Minimed Sofset QR, 42 in.--purchased
directly from Minimed. I Have always used that (since October 1997--and
still do.

I even got a new supply of Hunalog from my pharmacy, with a different lot
number. And I STILL got NO DELIVERY alarms. That's when I was asked to send
my pump in).

As I said, since I got my pump back from you folks --about 4-6 weeks ? now
)--no NO Delivery alarms. Whatever was done to my pump at your shop fixed it.

I'd be curious to find out what happened.
ernie garcia
1014 S. 24th. Ave.
Yakima, WA 98902
ernie @wolfenet.com
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 19:35:13 -0400
From: "Bob Burnett" <email @ redacted>
Subject: No delivery alarms, was RE: [IP] Bubbles in the Cartridge

John and Brenda:

Several weeks ago, Bill Van Antwerp, (Chief Scientist for MiniMed) asked the
list if folks are still having problems with No Delivery alarms. You may
want to write him directly at: email @ redacted It sounds like he is
sincerely interested in solving this.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

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Computer Support Analyst   Central Washington University  Ellensburg, WA
DX ~18 years  Minimed 507 pumping Humalog ~ 7 months --& It's great!
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