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RE: [IP] Sour Grapes

I had my first laser surgery almost 8 years ago......don't give up.....I had 4 weeks of laser......I think 1200 hits in each eye.....guess what...since I started on the pump, my eyes have improved and the laser did the trick....hang tough.....keep fighting and don't let this disease win.....you don't have to be a statistic...... we'll in this together and you're NOT alone......you're in my thoughts and prayers.....been there , done that........and doing great.......and so will you...!!!!!!!!! 
love ya!!!!

I'm angry. Down right pissed. But more sad, depressed and really feeling sorry
for myself . . . 

Had my first laser surgery this morning. 32 hits, 80 watts, yellow beam, right
eye. Doc said things were okay. Said I may not need laser again for 10 years
but I gotta go back in 3 months.

I can't help but feel I've come to the beginning of a long list of
complications. The beginning of the end so to say.

I hate this _____ing disease!   :*(
 - Katie
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