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[IP] Insulin resistance

All these posts about insulin resistance have gotten my courage up -- bet
y'all thought that I was never shy didn't you?  Guys, this might be boring,
go ahead and delete.  I have huge swings in bgs three times each month --
menses, ovulation, and for some period (1 to 1 1/2 weeks) before menses.
When (it is not the entire day on that 1 and 1/2 week interval) these
changes occur varies.  For the past two months my needs for an increase in
basal were confined to after supper. 0.1 unit was enough to stabilize
everything -- from 220+ down to ~ 90-110.    Pre ovulation this month I was
having severe lows after breakfast, so my doc cut that basal by 2/3.  My
carb/insulin ratio has been pretty tight, and the lows seemed to occur
regardless of what my fasting bg was.  I also am in a rut for breakfast, I
always eat the same thing (measured amounts) so it isn't a question of
getting that wrong.  Unfortunately, I made that basal reduction, and then
ovulated two days later.  Opposite problem.  Highs (up to 282 today) after
breakfast which last until noon unless correction is applied.  That's a
seven hour stretch.  My doc had told me to forget about the past 27 years,
this is a new ballgame.  I cheated though.  I grabbed some old data, and
found similar swings monthly from the era before pump.  Since it does not
last all day until the first day of menses, it's hard to make a cookbook
approach (my CDE's only way of approaching anything).  My doc's two nurses
(1 CDE) have decided to blame it all on exercise (which thanks to list
members and lots of data gathering (and NO thanks to them) I have figured
out).  They are driving me nuts!  I have had a wonderful CDE, unfortunately,
none that have followed could come close.  At this point I think I'm on my
own.  After commenting that because of holidays and travelling last week I
only exercised once, Nurse Ratchet said that maybe I just wasn't cut out for
the pump.  Ok lady, I won't ask for any help.  It's hard to obey docs orders
and let him know about repetitious highs or lows when I have to make it
through the guard dogs first.  Sorry -- be glad that I waited 30 hours to
write this.  Am I the only one who doesn't fit into a nice little "Type 1
Diabetic" mold?  Thanks for the input.
Take care,
dx'71, MM507 1/98, Humalog

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