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Re: [IP] priming bolus amount for silhouette vs sofset


> Does anyone have experience with priming both sofsets and silhouettes? I've
>  been using sofsets for 3 years, and add an extra 0.5 units "priming bolus"
>  when I change my set. 
>  Today I inserted a silhouette. It has a longer cannula, and I thought I had
>  read here that the priming bolus should be 1.0 units. That was too much --
>  I ran low -- though there were other factors that could have contributed to
>  a low. 
OOPS!  I'm so sorry, I'm the one that posted that I thought the canula volume
on the silhouette was 1.0 unit.  I tested it again and came up with a
different number.  Closer to .6 or .7 units.  At any rate, the time I tried a
1.0 unit priming bolus, I went low too.  I thought I posted that but it would
have been easy to miss.  I use the same priming bolus for silhouettes as I did
for sof-sets. (0.4 units).

Sorry if I messed you up!

Mary Jean
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