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Re: [IP] New thread - unexplained highs - how do YOU change sets?

bob:  no, you are not alone.  i change before meals and have not had highs
after a change.  i have also not had insulin leakage.  i don't believe i was
told when to change sets, but what i have done works so that's good enough for
i wanted to ask everyone about humolog.  since i've started on
humolog(sept.1997), i have developed lipoatrophy in a couple of places.  i
haven't had that since i was a child using pork insulin(37 years ago).  has
anyone else noticed anything strange about humolog?  i used human insulin for
however long it's been out (25 years?) and never had this problem.  my doctor
says that i've probably had this lipoatrophy a long time and i just didn't see
it--whatever that means, i haven't a clue.  anyway, the humolog works fine for
me, but i don't like these indentations in my skin.  if anyone has seen this
since starting on humolog, i'd like to hear from you.  ellen
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