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[IP] Re: - how do YOU change sets?

    You are one of the "Wise and Experienced" ones in the family. You should
know all the problems some of us are just now uncovering. So far I have had
no problems changing sets even at night. As a matter of fact I just changed
one a few minutes ago. I have lost but one set before 4 days and it was
because the loop of tubing was too great and caught a doorknob! You can bet
that won't happen again. As you must know it doesn't hurt just surprises
    After 17 years how long does it take you to change a set? If I take over
15 minutes I am 1/2 asleep. On my good days I can do one in 7 minutes. Of
course that is at home with no distractions. Also My bg before change
tonight was 72 so I was in good shape to start with. I don't sleep real
sound anymore and wake up several times a night and will check blood at 3 AM
or so if need be.

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