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RE: [IP] Velosulin


I don't think it's unusual to have increased insulin resistance in the
morning, nor to require different carb / insulin ratios at different times
of the day. I am fairly insulin resistant in the morning hours, which makes
dealing with my dawn phenomenon a constant challenge. It takes a while for
the changes in my basal rates to "kick in" and they don't always kick in
with the same predictability. The same is true for my breakfast bolus, which
seems to need about 1 hour lead time to be truly effective.

Interestingly, I use a ratio of 1 unit of Velosulin to 15 grams of carb at
breakfast, and 1 to 12 the rest of the day. If I use the same 1 to 12 ratio
in the morning, I tend to go too low later on. This is partly due to the
long "tail" effect of Velosulin, but was also a problem with Humalog. Since
adopting the different ratios, things have worked much better. This is a
YMMV area for certain.

It would be great if we all were able to fit easily into these nice little
formulas and patterns, but it doesn't seem to work that way. Possibly the
only true "rule of thumb" should be "If it works for you, then it works" ;-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted


> hours of the meal & then going into the 300s at 3:00 a.m.....Her
> a.m. bgs are
> excellent, but she then becomes extremely insulin resistant, despite
> increasing her basals....CDE said he has one patient who required a bolus
> ration of 1 unit for 3 grams of carb at breakfast, but the rest
> of her meals
> she does 1 for 10....Anyone else heard of this disparity????????
> Renee (aka Melissa's pump-mom)
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