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Re: [IP] Insulin to Carbo Ratios

cindy, i learned a lot from reading pumping insulin by john walsh and ruth
roberts.  i had been given some help when i got my pump, but this was mostly
generalizations.  this book is very specific.  i figured out exactly how much
insulin to  carbohydrates i needed, how many carbs. for the exercise i do, how
long it takes my insulin to start working.  it was very useful for me.  i've
mentioned this book to people on the pump alot because i do not think i got
enough help when i got a pump.  my doctor wants me to have good a1cs, but he
doesn't want to answer more than 3 questions a visit.  the cde was nice, but i
felt like i knew as much as she did.  this book answered alot of questions for
me.  maybe i should get some compensation for promoting it like i do.  what do
you think?
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