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Re: [IP] Cindy's still here

Cindy Arrowood wrote:
> I must admit I'm a little frightened by it all. My biggest fear is bolusing
> for meals. I've had some instances of taking my pre-meal regular and having
> my BG drop like a rock (from amazingly lofty heights). I would appreciate
> peoples thoughts and experiences about bolusing with your first bite as
> this would be much easier for me.

First and formost getting the basal rates set correctly will minimize the
effects of boluses. A resulting smaller bolus will give you tighter control
of the meal, with much less likelihood of dropping off after the meal. Also
note that the pump should avoid the amazingly lofty heights.

The other thing is to use Humalog in the pump, possibly with a mixture of
Velosulin or R to save trouble with it. A ratio of 4 or 5 units Humalog per
1 unit R or V seems to give better performance than only 1 insulin type.
The Humalog will act immediately so you can eat THEN, the R or V will 
make it more stable, and also add a bit more length to the dose.

> Also, please give me input on this: I will be going home to N.C. on May
> 15th from Seattle. If I get the pump and get started by, say, May 1st, will
> this be a reasonable amount of time to get going, or should I wait 'til
> getting back at the end of May? (I am very eager to start, but don't want
> to "bite off" too much!).

Should be reasonably functional in 2 weeks, doubt it would be a problem.
As things develop you may find you want to delay if you aren't comfortable
enough with it yet, but that depends on your particular results.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years, using MM506 for 4.3 years
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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