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RE: [IP] Velosulin


I used Humalog for 18 months - from September 1996 until this past March,
when I returned to Velosulin. It appears that I developed an allergy to it.
It became unworkable for me.

I'm still adjusting back to Velosulin - it's a bit tricky, because I am also
dealing with some thyroid issues requiring medication. I think the thyroid
meds have greatly increased my "dawn effect", so my basal rates are far from
ideal at this point. My BGs are also running higher than I would like, but I
didn't expect this transition to be totally seamless. I was running very
smooth on Velosulin until I started on the thyroid meds (Levothroid), so
this is just one more variable to deal with ;-)

Humalog seemed to make a big difference in my A1c, though Eli Lilly contends
that this was not the case in their studies (A1c results in the Humalog
study group did not decline).

My A1c went from 7.9 in July 96 (pre Humalog, after being on pump 3 months)
to 6.7 in November 96. I had a couple 6.1s, a 6.8, then registered a 7.7 in
March 98, just before returning to Velosulin.

I had a lot of lows with Humalog, which may account for the low A1c results.
I have had far fewer lows with Velosulin, though this needs to be looked at
in the context mentioned above.

Bob Burnett
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> Hi Gang,
> I'm sure this topic has been around before, so I hope you don't
> mind.  I was
> wondering what members use Velosulin and what kind of results are
> you getting
> with your blood sugars and with your A1c's?  Has anyone tried
> Humalog and then
> returned to using Velosulin?
> Thanks,
> Cindy

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