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Re: [IP] New thread - unexplained highs - how do YOU change sets?

> Bob wrote:
> After re reading many of these posts concerning unexplained highs after set
> changes, I am confused.
> I have *always* changed sets before meals, therefore any bolus was taken
> after I changed my set. I was taught to do this during my pump training. The
> thinking here is that a bolus after your set change helps to clear any
> tissue away from the end of the needle or cannula and helps guarantee good
> insulin flow to the site. You do have the added benefit of not having to
> battle the BG rise from carbs you have already eaten if there are any
> immediate problems with your new set. A simple BG check right before eating
> should let you know if things are o.k. with your new set.

Bob, I was taught exactly the same as you. I usually change my set in the
morning, *then* bolus for breakfast. I have never left the old set in -- I
usually take it out before I shower, then insert the new one after my

I find that my normal breakfast bolus, plus 0.5 units to prime the sofset,
keeps my blood sugar normal.

If I do change the set at some other time, it's usually because the old set
"went bad". Therefore, I'm already bolusing extra for an unexplained
high... again, I don't leave the old set in. (It never occurred to me
before reading about it on this list, and I don't need to fix what isn't
broken. :-)

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