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[IP] Mixing H&R

I've been mixing my H&R for a while now, and I am thinking of pre-mixing
the insulins in its own bottle to make refilling the cartridge quicker
and simpler. Can anyone think of any reason why it might be unwise to
have the 2 insulins mixed together for 30 days or more? You are warned
not to pre-mix NPH and Regular, as the Regular will crystalise onto the
NPH crystals over a period of time. I spoke to a technician at Lilly (in
the UK) today, and he said there was no data available about the
suitability of mixing Humalog and Regular. He pointed that they had
never forseen the need to mix the two insulins.

We know that the insulins work fine for the few days they lie together
in the cartridge. But over a period of weeks or months could they
interact in an unforseen way?

Any thoughts anyone, before I make a guinea-pig of myself?


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